Adult 3

Suitable for all ages and levels of flexibility and fitness; No experience required.

Our Adult 3 class is a unique blend of 3 genres – Ballet, Tap and Jazz!
Ballet is a beautiful genre of dance, combining grace and strength, Tap is a fun genre, focusing on timing and coordination with your tap sounds, and Jazz is a high-energy genre, filled with explosive movements and control.

This class is for adults who wish to try all genres, learning them side by side in one sitting. No experience needed! This is a great way to learn how to integrate the different skills learnt in one genre into the other 2, as you will notice an overlap in technique and dance moves across all 3 genres. Having recently been added to our weekly schedule, the small class size allows for comfort and safety, creating a judgement-free zone!

It is also perfect for busy adults who do not have the time to come in on separate days, but still wish to pick up a new skillset. This 1.5-hour class will be a fun activity after a 5-day work week, while keeping active with learning something new and getting a work out in.

We are always looking for opportunities to open more classes, so feel free to email in and open a discussion about other class slots!