Our Classes

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is one of the most common genres of dance to start with. Young dancers learn the beginnings of physical coordination and musical awareness. As you progress through the levels, you gain poise, grace, strength and flexibility. This builds the foundation to trying other genres.

Suitable for ages 2-years and above.

Modern Jazz

Jazz is a fun, high-energy genre of dance; perfect for dancers who love to move and jump around freely.
Learn to string together a series of leaps, kicks and turns to pop songs! We also train flexibility and strength to condition your body and achieve the best moves!

Suitable for ages 5-years and above.


Tap dancing centres around rhythm and coordination of the feet.
In tap, a dancer learns to expand their musicality and physical coordination, along with their ability to synchronise with the sounds their teammates make.

Suitable for ages 5-years and above.


Acrobatics is a fun genre, filled with flips, tricks and splits!
If your child is interested in expanding their flexibility and has bounds of energy, this is the perfect class for them to safely explore it with close supervision of our instructors!

Suitable for ages 5-years and above.

Lyrical / Contemporary

Our Open Lyrical/Contemporary class is great for dancers who wish to branch out from the typical 3 genres of Ballet, Tap and Jazz.
This class focuses on movement and extension, as well as experimenting with floor-work and different tricks.

Suitable for ages 11-years and above.

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre class is a song and dance class, where children learn to express themselves with singing and acting, together with their dancing.
They will learn through the CSTD Musical Theatre programme and may take the CSTD examination, if they choose to.

Suitable for ages 6-years and above.

Mum and Baby

Our Mum and Baby class is suitable for toddlers who show interest in dance but need the comfort of a family member with them in class.
In this class, our toddler dancers are introduced to elements of Ballet and Jazz through song and dance!

Suitable for ages under 3-years.

Adult Pilates

Our Adult Pilates class focuses on creating a balanced body. Incorporating elements of Yoga and fitness, you learn to lengthen and strengthen your body; finding a sense of balance and grounding within yourself.

Suitable for all ages and levels of flexibility and fitness.

Adult Ballet

Our Adult Ballet class is for adults with no experience in dance, and wish to take on this genre of dance – honing their grace, poise, strength and flexibility.
This class is also perfect for the parents of our current students, so they may dance alongside their children!

Suitable for all ages and levels of flexibility and fitness; no experience required.

Adult Tap

Adult Tap is a more energetic class, focusing on musicality and having fun creating sounds with your dancing!
This class will train your ankle mobility and coordination of your body; engaging your mind to memorise combination of steps.

Suitable for all ages; no experience required.

Adult 3

Our Adult 3 class is a unique blend of 3 genres – Ballet, Tap and Jazz!

This class is for adults who wish to try all genres, learning them side by side in one sitting.

Suitable for all ages and levels of flexibility and fitness; no experience required.