Competitive Team

Our vision for our competitive team focuses on inclusivity and the building of experience and confidence.

We invite seasoned students to try their hand at solos, duos, trios or group items to expand their horizons and find courage to try new things. We encourage them to improve their skill and performance through the competitions and take the leap to be on stage.

We believe that getting on stage plays a big part in helping to grow a student’s passion for dance and everyone should be included into the experience. Having only one chance to perform live in front of an audience allows young dancers to realise the importance of doing their best and not to obsess over perfection. It also improves their ability to improvise and to believe in their dance abilities.

At Jazz Cats, we provide a Competitive Technique class to train our students on skills and tricks that are expected of them when entering competitions, so that they will be equipped to go head to head with the numerous competitors from other studios.