At Jazz Cats, we offer examinations in Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap and Contemporary. Our goal is to help those who wish to build their portfolio in dance or who simply want to challenge themselves through these examinations. Examinations are important for students who want to DSA into schools through dance.

CSTD examinations are held every March and November. Our teachers work to have students ready for the next grade in a year, with extra examination-focused classes during the last few months leading up to it. Thus as a parent, you can be assured that your child will usually progress in grade every year.

BETTY TILLEY, 1934-2009
First CSTD Asia-Pacific Director

CSTD Singapore began with an arranged meeting in 1996 between Examiner Betty Tilley and Barbara Hannan, a Singapore-based Scottish dance and ballet enthusiast. Barbara who hails from the UK heard that CSTD offered Highland dance exams and wasted no time in organising workshops for this under the People’s Association, together with Ballet and Tap which was a big part of the CSTD.

She became the Organiser for CSTD Singapore that year, and later Malaysia and India. Jazz and Ballet soon followed and introductory courses were held at Crestar School of Dance (Cre-Ed), which was the first school to hold CSTD examinations in 1997.