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Jazz Cats has been operating in Singapore for over 16 years since 2006.

The brainchild of Artistic Director and Principal Teacher Melissa Erez, the emphasis of the school is for children and adults to enjoy the sense of freedom created through the art of dance. With it, gaining positive skills such as poise, co-ordination, fitness, musicality, self-discipline and confidence.

Jazz Cats offers classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Acrobatics for all levels, as well as Pilates for adults.

Melissa Erez

Artistic Director and Founder

Melissa Erez has over 20 years professional teaching experience and is dedicated to sharing her passion for dance; teaching children and adults of all ages across many different genres.

Melissa always dreamed of opening her own studio, and whilst attending a showing of Tap Dogs – a unique theatrical performance showcasing tap dancing, it led to the excitement and eagerness to finally open her own. Thus, the name “Jazz Cats”, being the opposite of “Tap Dogs” as its inspiration, was created and our studio opened soon after.

Since then, Melissa has devoted her entire career to sharing her expertise and love for dance to all her students. Her belief that everybody can be a dancer allowed for no student to be turned away. This paved the way for our studio to be centred around giving every student a chance to participate in examinations, concerts, or competitions; focusing on guiding each individual to attain their best.

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Melissa attended the Sharon Biddle School of Dance at the age of three where she acquired the foundational skills of Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Theatrical. Her early involvement in the Sharon Biddle School sparked a streak of achievements in the following years. She pursued a further education in dance at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), before embarking in a wide range of careers within the profession. Melissa attained her Diploma in Jazz and Diploma in Theatrical along with a Certificate in Classical Ballet. Subsequently, she is a [The] Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing Australia (CSTD) certified dance teacher. She is also trained in Contemporary and Spanish Dancing and later attained her Pilates Certification. She has trained and taught dance programmes at various institutions including LASALLE College of The Arts Singapore (Musical Theatre and Acting Undergraduate programme), the United World College South East Asia Dover, Anglo-Chinese Junior College as well as the Junior National Rhythmic Gymnastics team in Japan. Melissa is constantly renewing her style with the latest development in music and dance routines and is always welcoming new ideas in developing her choreography.

Our Teachers

Chloe Lim

Chloe has been working with Preschools, International Schools and various dance studios teaching CSTD and open classes.

She has been dancing at Jazz Cats since the age of 3, training in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Acrobatics with Melissa and is currently working toward her CSTD Teacher’s Certification, while teaching at Jazz Cats.

Chloe teaches multiple genres as a full-time staff in Jazz Cats.

Chelsea Lim

Chelsea has danced with Jazz Cats since she was 3 years old, learning Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Acrobatics with Melissa.

Having completed her Diploma in Dance at LASALLE College of the Arts in June 2022, she now teaches at Jazz Cats and is working toward her Teacher’s Certification with CSTD. She has also taught at Preschools and other dance studios.

Chelsea teaches multiple genres in Jazz Cats.

Jose Cerda

Jose has worked the stage with likes of Missy Elliotte, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé and multiple radio Disney stars in his early years, but later on realized that his true passion was in teaching children upon getting home from tours.

He strives to help children grow and become confident happy dancers. After getting his masters degree in Arts Pedagogy And Practice, he has fully dedicated his time to the little Hiphoppers and Jazzerina’s that fill his life with joy.

Jose currently teaches Open Contemporary in Jazz Cats.